Hillier Wilson Estate Agent are appaling

Not resolved

Hillier Wilson Estate Agents in Broadstone are the rudest and most condescending people I’ve had the displeasure of meeting.

Buying and selling a house isn’t the easiest thing to and quite frankly at times it can be downright stressful and painful. What you need is someone understanding, sympathetic and easy to work with.

Hillier Wilson Estate Agents in Broadstone are NOTHING of the sort.

Described by some as dinosaurs they have no understanding on customer service.

You have a choice who to sell your house through, but be warned your buyer may not want to deal with such horrid people and won’t want to view your house, instead only seeing houses that are on with other agents. You could lose a sale or only get offers below market value as your picking up the bottom of the barrel.

The basic function of an Estate Agent is to sell houses however if you don’t know how to speak to people how can you market the property.

They offer no helpful comments when viewing a property, pointing out a properties faults will not endear anyone that your home is worth the price being asked.

When meeting a new client, what impression does the car you drive give. There’s is I’m a rip off agent living in the dark ages.

Extensions to the retirement age in the UK does not help in this market, Hillier Wilson need to be thrown to the scrap heap.

If you choose to put your house on the market with this agent do so at your own peril.

Your potential buyers will be lied to, offended and put off seeing your property.

A disgusting Estate Agent, Hillier Wilson in Broadstone give up and retire for all our sakes.

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